Celebrity Inspiration: Abigail Breslin

Full Name: Bethany Celeste Hawkins

Alias(es): Firewhip

Birthdate: April 17th, 2000

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 6′

Distinguishing Features: Wears her hair in a fishtail braid most of the time.

Quick Facts

Obsessions: She’s a prolific fanfiction author, obsessed with grammar, and has logged hundreds of hours inside the Elder Scrolls PC games.

Quirks: Bethany can make a joke out of literally any situation, and it has gotten her into trouble on multiple occasions. On the other hand, it also make her great at diffusing tension with humor.

College Major: Bethany avoids declaring any major whatsoever, and instead collects classes that would help with long-term living in a mostly medieval country.

Fear: That Emma and Luke will one day decide she was never their friend, and there won’t be a place for her on Talahm.

Secret: She hides her own anxiety because Emma needs her to be strong. Luke is one of the only people who picks up on this.