Celebrity Inspiration: Ben Barnes

Full Name: Luke Ioan Jackman (Luke Ioan Artair)

Alias(es): The Prophet of Camlaan

Birthdate: February 11th, 1994

Eye Color: Heterochromia; left eye is green, the right is gold.

Hair Color: Black

Height: Just over 6′ tall

Distinguishing Features: His heterochromia, and the streaks of white hair at his temples (marking him as Prophet).

Quick Facts

Obsessions: Luke could live full-time in the library and never feel like he was missing out on “real life.” He’s big on survivalism and history, especially ancient European history and the medieval ages.

Quirks: While on Earth, he devised a written code to protect the details of his Visions.

College Major: Luke holds a degree in mechanical engineering, but he also spent a lot of time buried in medical textbooks despite not taking any med classes.

Fear: He’s terrified of having a Vision of his loved ones dying.

Secret: A tattoo just under his right collarbone of his favorite constellation in Talahm’s night sky, called “Thor’s Sorrow.”